• June 14, 2021
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Depression is a condition that can be caused by somatic or nervous disorders, or by stress, family problems, or other problems in personal or social life. It can also develop with absolutely no external causes, against a background of complete well-being – in this case, the cause is usually a violation of the level of neurotransmitters in the brain. For some forms this drug helps: https://pillintrip.com/medicine/adepsique.

In order to receive quality treatment, the patient needs to be aware that bad moods can also occur in totally healthy people. Whereas with depression, low mood or depression lasts at least two weeks and can be accompanied by disturbances in sleep, appetite, reduced capacity for work and other symptoms which we will discuss further.

Depression can occur in people of any age, regardless of gender. The death of a close friend, relative, loved one, or child can be the catalyst for progressive feelings of homesickness. Sometimes the only child loved by everyone suddenly becomes unsociable and withdrawn. You should try to figure out the reasons as quickly as possible and help him regain faith in himself. A banal misunderstanding of classmates and friends or the appearance of another child in the family can upset the psychological balance and become the root cause of depression.


It is safe to say that depression is the most common psychological illness. It has long been successfully treated, a specialist is able to restore the patient’s faith in themselves in a few sessions. More often women apply for help, as they are more stressed because of psychological peculiarities. One out of four ladies at least once in her life must have sought specialized medical assistance. Men are more resilient in this sense, with only one in ten bothering psychologists with requests for help with depressive episodes. This prevalence of the disease is compensated for by the fact that in 90% of cases, people who go to the doctor completely get rid of the ailment.

The first thing that strikes the eye when talking to a person who is depressed is joylessness and pronounced depression. Longing and anxiety can be read on the person’s face. In this condition, people feel abandoned and forgotten, it seems to them that friends and relatives have turned away, and the world around them wants to get rid of their presence as quickly as possible. Talking to such patients, we can find that they most often complain about:

A sharply decreased appetite or a complete loss of interest in food (although in so-called “atypical depression,” on the contrary, the appetite increases and there is a craving for sweet, floury, sometimes fatty foods – the person “binges” on depression and can gain several pounds in a relatively short time).
Arising problems with sleep. Constantly pursuing nightmares, night sleep becomes shallow and sensitive, bringing no sense of rest. In order to fall asleep, it is necessary to take strong medications. Upon awakening, such people feel no relief, fatigue does not leave them.
The feeling of joy is gone. Even ordinary physiological pleasures become unavailable.
They lose interest in the events going on around them, even if they directly affect the person.
Decline of strength is expressed in an unwillingness to do the usual work. A little stress causes an attack of deadly fatigue.
It is difficult to concentrate on simple life situations.
Symptoms are often expressed in absolute helplessness and a feeling of uselessness to close people.
The painful feeling of guilt arising for any reason (or the “rudimentary feeling of guilt” – the feeling “I am in everyone’s way”, “it would be better without me”) is a very dangerous symptom from the point of view of the risk of a suicide attempt.