Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Pancreatic Cancer Action NetworkPancreatic cancer is among the deadliest forms of cancer. Even though it is rare as compared to other cancers like breast, prostate, oral, and kidney, there is a need for more awareness on the disease in order to increase the life expectancy of the cancer patients. Health care organizations globally such as the American cancer society have continually created platforms of sensitizing the communities on the need to have basic knowledge on the different types of cancers. They have created support ribbons which are used to raise funds that are invested into cancer research and treatments. Purple ribbon is associated with pancreatic cancer and the awareness month is usually November.

Awareness Action Plans

These organizations have increased awareness on pancreatic cancer and what you need to do in order to prevent and care for your life. They include.

Regular Screenings: This is because most cancers are not easy to be detected during the early stages unless you have been screened by your doctor. This is a life saver and many people have been healed because of early detection of pancreatic cancer.

Learn about Pancreatic cancer: They have been increased access to information since the invention of the internet. Research and know the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer. In addition to the internet, talk to your doctor for more information on the disease, find friends and family members and share your experiences with them. Read medical journals and subscribe for medical magazines which are very informative.

Support System: Locate a support group in your location and join them. The groups are formed mostly by cancer survivors and patients. You will find refuge and encouragement. You will learn tips on how to cope with the disease. You will meet new friends and this will enable you keep a positive outlook towards life. You will learn on ways of preventing the disease.

Pancreatic cancer outreach programs: During these activities you will meet experts who will give you advice and you will learn about the latest developments in the treatments and preventions of pancreatic cancer. The outreaches are also done through TV commercials and local newspaper adverts.

Funding Raising: These action networks do organize fundraising activities with the main purpose of supporting pancreatic cancer programs. The funds will also be used for medical screenings during the awareness month. They also support cancer treatments in developing countries through building of health facilities and donations of drugs.

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