Pancreatic Cancer Causes

Pancreatic Cancer CausesKnowing the cause of pancreatic cancer will help you in prevention and management of the disease. There have been many gains in medicine and cancer treatment through research and development and adoption of the latest technologies in the treatment procedures and diagnostic testing. Information about pancreatic cancer is available through many sources. The internet is rich with resourceful websites that will provide you with vital knowledge that you need about the cancer. Cancer awareness organizations also create platforms of educating people through articles, screening programs and adverts on the cause of cancer. Apart from pancreatic cancer we have other forms of cancer such as breast, prostate, lung among others that is becoming a major concern because of the increasing mortality rates. The reason for this is that cancer is not easy to detect during the early stages unless the relevant tests are performed. Suggestions have been made by health care providers on the need for regular medical checkups.

Causes of Pancreatic Cancer

The causes of pancreatic cancer have not been established by cancer experts but there are risk factors that increase your chances of getting the disease.

Carcinogens: These substances attract the growth of cancer cells and they are brought by smoking cigarettes, being exposed to pesticides and chemicals used in metals production and dyes.
Pancreatic Cancer Causes Pancreatic Cancer Causes Pancreatic Cancer Causes
Family History: It is advisable that you be aware of your family history as it will help you know if you have a potential risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Statistics indicate that about 10 percent of pancreatic cancer is got through inherited genes.

Other Risks: When you are of advanced age of over 60 years, and you are male of black ethnic group then you are most likely to attract pancreatic cancer. There are also other diseases and disorders that are linked to this cancer; they are diabetes mellitus, chronic pancreatitis, gingivitis and ulcers.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: Poor diet and obesity have also been connected to pancreatic cancer. Nutrition experts advice that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and ensure that you go for regular screenings. Avoid smoking cigarettes and over indulging in alcohol.

Visit your health care provider who will perform tests such as MRI, Ultrasound, CT scans, x-rays, physical examinations and biopsy to determine the stage of the cancer so that treatments can begin. The treatments available are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Taking care of your health is the first step towards living cancer free.

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