Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy

Pancreatic Cancer Life ExpectancyPancreatic cancer is among the top five deadly types of cancer in the world. It has a very low survival rates because the symptoms begin to manifest in the advance stages of the disease, whereby the cancer cells have already spread and metastisized to other vital organs in the body. The life expectacy for pancreatic cancer is determined by the length of years a cancer patient will survive after diagnosis, it also involves the year that have been lost or shortened due to late diagnosis. The survival rate is usually calculated within a five year period after diagnosis and treatments. This form of cancer affects the pancreas which is an organ that is located behind the stomach and is responsible for the production of emzymens and hormones that helps in the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydates. The symptoms are numerous and are also associated with other ailments and disorders. It is very important that you viist your doctor as soon as you feel the symptoms so that treatments can be started immediately. Pancreatice cancer will show symptoms during the advnace stages and this reduces the survival rates to less that twenty percent. Health care experts have created awareness campaigns to sensitise people on the need for regular medical screenings in order for early detection of the cancer cells.

Stages of Pancreatic Cancer

After diagnosis, your doctor will check on the degree of growth of the cancer cells in the pancreas to determine the stage. This will enable them choose the best treatment options and advice you on the life expectancy. From Stages 0 – 3 is where by the cancer cells are still contained in the pancreatic duct cells but growing at a faster rate. At stage 4, the tumor has multiplied and increased to other areas surrounding the organs, in medical terms it is described as having metastasized. At this point the treatments done will be very intense and the survival rates will have reduced.
Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy
The treatments will depend on the stage of the cancer, your general health condition and they include: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. In some cases cancer patients have been treated using natural remedies. Doctors have indicated that twenty percent of pancreatic cancer will survive one year after diagnosis and this is because in most cases the cancer is usually detected during the late stages. The survival rate for pancreatic cancer within the five year period is as low as four percent. During the early stages the life expectancy levels is high because the cancer has not spread to other organs.

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